About Us

We are one of the largest trading firms based in Nepal that specializes in trading and marketing of electrical products. Within a short span of time, we have established ourselves as the market leader of electrical products.

We proffer an array of products from multiple manufacturers to choose from. Our extensive product line includes lighting, modular switches, MCBs, switchboards, cables, wires, and all kinds of electrical accessories for both domestic and industrial application. We have predominantly served to the hotel industry, infrastructure, household, communication, hydro power, solar power, micro hydro power and practically to every other business sector where electricity comes in use. Since we directly deal with original products manufactured by acclaimed companies, we are certain about the quality standards we promise.

Our impeccable quality products, prompt delivery, easy payment modes and, ethical business policies make us the most trusted and preferred name by the consumers. Besides, we take pride in our remarkable team culture, high staff morale, and promising services which have enabled us to earn and retain customers for life. Appreciating our achieved success, we expect to revel in the continuous growth and an even larger client base as we advance into our next decade.

Our Objective
In a broader aspect, we are ambitious regarding our contribution to the national economy and sustainable development.
Our Vision
Embracing all the market challenges, we anticipate growth at its best.
Our Mission
Corresponding with the emerging technical challenges & persisting with the quality standards, we aim to meet the customer demand with great precision.

Our Values

We have built long standing relationships with our customers, vendors, manufacturers and fellow companies based on our ethical business policies. The values that we embody here is the true reflection of what we believe and how we work.
We do not seek opportunities to take advantage of a consumer’s lack of knowledge regarding our products. Rather consider it our responsibility to apprise & educate them for a mutual benefit.
We work with due regards to the rights of our customers, staff members, partners and everyone that is directly or indirectly a part of our business.
Integrity is one of our guiding principles that binds all the business levels and nurtures the framework of achieving goals.
We believe honesty is the essence of customer care that plants your trust and faith in us. It is our guideline that helps to sustain our credibility.
We always own up to our shortcomings and are obliged to bear all the responsibilities in case of any unintended fallacy.
Our products speak for us more than we do. Quality is our flagship and our commitment to delivering quality products will always remain intact through the test of time.