About Machinery & Electric

We are one of the largest trading firms based in Nepal that specializes in trading and marketing of electrical products. Within a short span of time, we have established ourselves as the market leader of electrical products.

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Business sectors

Communication Sectors

We have been supplying the electrical needs of many communication sectors with quality products to assist their operational activities.


We fetch the electrical requirements and component parts of electrical distribution system for factories and industries.


The quality & efficiency of our products fit perfectly with the working constraints of operational areas as sensitive as hospitals.

Hotels and Resorts

We help you to offer best services to your guests by optimising your operational efficiency through our quality products.

Hydro Power

We have been outsourcing to several Hydro power plants in the country with electrical products that can be trusted upon.

Other Sectors

The usage of electrical goods is not restricted to any sector; we cater for all services needing our expertise.

One Stop Solution

We house a comprehensive range of products featuring unparalleled quality that can cover all your electrical requirements.


Channel Partners

We are in close association with some of the esteemed manufacturing companies around the globe. All our products have been well tested and certified by experts leaving no room for doubts. Few of our valued channel partners are: